Epic 5 Value Combo Kit
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit case
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit on bike
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit lights
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit contents
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit battery
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit
Epic 5 Value Combo Kit

Epic 5 Value Combo Kit

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Radical Illumination for the Bold & Inspired: Epic LEDs is dedicated to creating easy-to-install and use stand-alone LED strip light kits for bikes, motor cycles, scooters and more. Our kits feature 12V Lithium power for brighter longer lasting lighting impact. Our rechargeable battery pack comes with a water resistant zipper case and integrates into the LED strip lights system with quick-connect connectors. Epic LED kits come in a variety of colors including: Blue, Green, Red, Organge & Purple. We also offer an RGB version of our kit that produces variable colors with a remote keypad (listed under Epic RGB). 

Epic 5 Value Combo Kit Includes: (2 each of the following kit + "1 Light Your Ride" T-Shirt

  • 5 LED Strip Lights (50/50) with 3M glue tabs - (2) 6", (2) 12" & (1) 16" strips
  • Rechargeable 12V Lithium Battery (comes with charger)
  • Water resistant Zipper Case for Battery - Velcro's to bike frame
  • Modular kit with quick-connect lights & connectors are easy to install
  • (1) Power Lead Connector, (1) Straight Connector, (2) "Y" Connectors
  • 4 colors to choose from - Blue, Green, Orange, Red

If you would like to have different colors on your light kits - ie: (1) Blue, (1) Green - please send us a note and we will gladly change it for you. But since our cart system is only set up for only one color per order type - we need to make this adjustment manually. Please pick one color for the (2) and let us know if you want one changed. Thanks!

The shirts come in one color only "dark grey" with the logo / graphic you see above. Sizes - Women's - SM, MD, LG - Men's / MD, LG, XL, XXL. Select either Men's or Women's shirt.