48V Phoenix II  Motor

Phoenix II Motor - 48V (Gen 1 Cruisers)

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48V Phoenix II Motor

This is the replacement motor assembly part for Solaris and Europa model Cruisers. Please consult with our technical support department or an authorized dealer to validate need. If you determine that you do infact need a replacement motor this is the place to buy it.

This 48V motor is laced and mounted to 20” rear hub wheel complete with an integrated 6 bolt Disc Brake mount. You have a choice of either the Brute model version which is slower (top speed of around 26 mph) but has more torque and climbing power; or the Cruiser model version which is designed for more even / flat ground and goes a little fast up to around 32 mph.

Note: Requires controller, throttle and 48V power source in order to operate.