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Glide Patrol Testimonials

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    Rider: Officer Dustin Boots

    Date: 10/15/2012
    "My experiences thus far have been all very positive! Our Glide Patrol units are very easy to operate and maintain. They are extremely agile around the campus. I can get into the interior of the campus and back out to our parking lots quickly. They are fast when needed but can be slow and quiet when needing to sneak up on someone as well! "


    Rider: Officer Jim Pappas

    Date: 10/16/2012
    "First day out, I just stepped on and started patrolling like I did on a police bicycle prior to retiring from a local police department.  The enforcement principles are similar as it allows me to have close contact with the students on the campus, along with quick and easy access to all areas of the campus, including the hallways and the playing fields.  There are many positive aspects of the Glide as a patrol vehicle, and only a few differences from the bicycle patrol.

    The differences is the weight of the battery, but it is still effective for a stealth approach and it is quiet as there is no clicking of the gears. We have had the Glides for about two months, and I have already ridden 300 plus miles.  The disc brakes are great; the Glide maneuvers like a bicycle, and is easy to dismount under any circumstances. (You just step off) You can ride at 25 MPH (much quicker than walking) or you can ride along the walkways with the foot traffic at 3 MPH.

    All you need is to grab your helmet as there is no need to change into bicycle apparel and off you go!  At the end my shift, usually six hours of riding, I plug the Glide into the recharging unit and it is ready to roll the next morning. The Glide Patrol units can be a valuable tool for any school campus or for downtown patrol!  It is easy to park and allows for greater visibility while riding.  It is my first vehicle of choice to patrol for sure!"